Code of Conduct

In performing our activities and in the relationship with our clients and candidates we scrupulously follow the principles of exactitude and transparency listed below.

Our Relationship with Clients:

  • Accept work for which we are qualified.
  • Clearly define our fees and the manner in which they mature.
  • Arrange with the client what information to share with the candidates and in which specific research phase; maintain privacy on all information received.
  • Keep our client's interest at the forefront when searching for the candidate which is best suited for the job; never take into consideration candidates if their profile doesn't match the job description.
  • Never include the same candidate at the same time in different searches, without informing the client. Report candidate information in a complete and transparent manner.
  • Do not search directly for candidates who are already working for our clients.

Our Relationship with Candidates:

  • Safeguard reserved information and data supplied by the candidate, using them exclusively for the purposes of the research and communicating them to the client only after the candidate's approval.
  • Supply the candidate with a complete and transparent manner with all the necessary information in order for him/her to make an informed assessment of their interest in the position.
  • Keep the candidate updated of the way the search is progressing.
  • Give all contacted candidates feedback on the results of the search and relative motivations.
  • Never accept any payment from the candidates.