Metodo Briefing & Job Specifications Research & Identification Selection Confidential Report & Short List Presentation Induction & Follow-up

Briefing & Job Specifications

The first phase of our working process is carried out together with the representatives of the client and focuses on the assessment of the market context in which the client operates, its organizational culture and its business objectives. This phase defines the Job Description for the required profile in terms of necessary knowledge and competences, sought managerial skills, objectives and responsibilities of the role and its position within the company.

Research & Identification

The first step of our search is to identify the target companies and positions of interest which are consistent with the required profile. This is performed through the traditional search channels within which the well-established relationships with important multinational, industrial and financial businesses representing the main source for information concerning candidates. This phase is completed by acquiring the candidates' CV and initial contact to verify that essential requirements are met and that there is a genuine interest in the offer.


The selection phase, which can be adapted according to the specific instructions received, is focused on the following three aspects:

  • The candidate's personal characteristics, values and motivations
  • Managerial Skills
  • Technical knowledge and skills, together with problem-solving abilities

The long-term operational background of our experts allows us to effectively assess the professional skills and competences of the candidates in the main business sectors and areas, with a special focus on the field of consumer products and Finance & Investment.

Confidential Report & Short List

The next step is a meeting with the client in order to validate an initial range of candidates which will then be further analyzed, addressing background aspects and track records. This process is to establish a short list of candidates to be later interviewed by the client.


Presentation of the short-listed candidates to the client is an opportunity to further understand the candidate's personal characteristics and professional skills, motivations and expectations.

Induction & Follow-up

The following phase includes the negotiation of the terms of employment. If required, our experience in benchmarking, wage structure and offer formulation can assist in the negotiation.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on multiple interviews, psychological and attitudinal assessments integrated with in-depth technical and reference checks from reliable sources. It seeks to identify those candidates which, besides having the necessary professional and technical requirements, also have characteristics that are compatible with the values, culture and management philosophy of the client.

A report is made available to the client for each phase in compliance with ProPosition's standards of transparency and professionalism and in accordance with any specific client's needs and requirements.