Our services

Executive Search

In our Executive and Management Search activities we endeavor, as requested by the client, to identify, contact, assess and select professional profiles with strong managerial or specialized skills.

The aim of Executive and Management Search is the presentation to our client a short list of candidates aligned with the brief given to us by the client. This is carried out in a proactive manner by identifying ideal candidates who are not necessarily active on the job market.

The process ends with the employment. Even in this particularly delicate phase, the client can count on our full support.

Young Talents Search & Selection

Identification of Young Talents is an increasingly critical and valued activity in the HR strategy of successful companies.

Investing in young people with high potential, training and developing them by fostering their professional growth over time is one of the most effective ways to "build" managers who, in the future, will be called upon for leading positions.

ProPosition Management Search helps its client to identify and select the best young talents on an international level, assessing their potential for development and their compatibility with the values and culture of the client.

The method of the Assessment Centre is based on a series of tests, both individually and within a group, seeking to collect information from different points of view. The methodology is personalized according to the specific needs of the client and its rigor is guaranteed by the assessors, all expert psychologists, registered on the Professional List of Psychologists.


Integrating Executive Search and Young Talent Search & Selection activities, ProPosition Management Search offers its client several consulting services.

In the context of a recruitment process, we are able to supply the client with support both on the agreement negotiation front and the establishment of the most appropriate employment level.

On a more general level, we carry out scouting activities, seeking to analyze and assemble a bird's eye view on economic, organizational market and industry trends and also professional areas of interest. Thanks to our experience on international, industrial and financial markets, we are able to supply wage and organizational benchmarking, particularly useful for companies wishing to motivate those professionals with higher potential, guaranteeing at the same time a suitable level of retention for collaborators.

Finally, we are able to support our clients in their management assessment activities, analyzing and evaluating their managerial resources, especially in relation to re-organizational operations of their business and/or strategic development.