Chinese New Year’s Eve 2022: The Water Tiger’s Year

31 January 2022
Capodanno cinese 2022

On the 1° of February will start the celebrations for the Chinese New Year’s Eve under the sign of Tiger, this year in a rare combination. In fact every zodiac sign is associated cyclically to one of the five elements but only every 60 years, the Tiger – usually related to the wood – it’s associated with water.

The tiger is undoubtedly sign of courage and strength due to this is seen with great favor by Chinese people. The Chinese zodiac is pretty accurate in his previsions: for example, we can just think that two years ago was the year of the Rat that is seen as bringer of great changes and upheavals and there’s no need to remember what is happened in 2020.

The 2021 was instead the year of the ox, sign of the resilience and settlement.

Standing to experts, the Tiger’s year will give to whose born in 2022 great leadership’s skills and attitude just like great determination.