Interview with Lara Ponti

30 June 2023

ProPosition meets Lara Ponti, Managing Director and CEO of Ponti, historical and leading Italian company in the vinegar production, founded in Ghemme in 1787. Lara and Giacomo Ponti represent the 9th generation of the company, and are a virtuous example of success in the generational transition of Italian-owning businesses.

We discussed innovation, circular economy, launch of new products with Italian manufacture, strategies aimed at internationalizing balsamic vinegar.

Ponti’s idea of Sustainability is based on values such as the capacity to innovate, the excellence and the quality of “Made in Italy”, Diversity & Inclusion and mostly a deep-rooted affinity to the territory.

Being sustainable means carefully invest in and create long-term social, environmental, and economic entities generating value to the local community.

An evident proof of Ponti’s commitment is the upcoming B-Corp certification.