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Executive Search and consultancy

We provide our clients ad hoc solutions in terms of strategic business partnership.
Together, we evaluate the needs and tailor our services

  • Executive Search
  • Management Search
  • Coaching & HR Consultancy
  • Scouting & Market Mapping
  • Assessment Center
  • Employee Benefits

Executive & Management Search

In our search and selection activities, we strive to identify, connect, evaluate and select high-performing profiles at personal and professional levels.
The search & selection aims at presenting a short list of the best candidates aligned with the client guidelines, carried out proactively through the identification and communication with profiles who are not actively in search of new opportunities.
Our approach based on Business Partnership with clients consists of providing support after the placement of the candidate in the Company, ensuring that the client’s needs are highly met and confirming that the success of the relationship is attained over time.

Assessment & People Development Services

Professional growth comes with awareness. Marking and setting firm points in the process of professional growth of Executives and Managers can improve their future choices. To this end we provide these Professionals with coaching aimed at consolidating their professional awareness. 
We are able to support our clients in Management Assessment activities that aim at analysing and evaluating their managerial resources, especially in relation to reorganisational operations. Our Assessment Center helps our Clients to identify and select the best young talents at local and international level, assessing their potentialdevelopment and compatibility with the values ​​and culture of the Clients. We also provide a career guidance service that the Client can offer as benefits to its employees for the welfare of their family members.

HR Consulting Market Mapping & Scouting

During the financial offer phase of the candidate, we support our Client both on the negotiation part and on the definition of the salary scale.

In addition, we carry out market mapping activities, with the purpose of analysing and obtaining an overview on financial and organizational trends in the market as well as identifying the ideal organisational structure 

Moreover, we identify interesting profiles in specific grounds through our Scouting projects, with the aim of delivering specific information to our Client.

Lastly, we provide HR consultancy based on ad hoc planning.

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