Business Partner in the search and selection of Executives, Managers and high-potential Professionals

Business Partner in the search and selection of Executives, Managers and high-potential Professionals

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About us

Your Business Partner in the recruitment and selection of Top Executives and Managers

Driven by the experience gained over time, we develop relationships of business partnership with Italian companies that need to reinforce the workforce in Italy and abroad, as well as with foreign companies that invest in the country.

team proposition

20+ years of history

and experience in matching the client’s needs with the candidates’ professional knowledge, personal attributes and core values.

Il nostro metodo

Our Methodology

As Executive Management Search experts, our methodology consists of the activation of our network and other available search engines, as well as complete multiple interviews related to psychological and attitudinal assessments with integrating in-depth technical interviews.
Purpose: to find the right person who can make a difference!

Our Offers

We support our Business Partners in the selection, assessment and growth of strategically aspiring candidates.

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Our beliefs

Our relationship with the client is based on trust and guided by the principles of fairness and confidentiality. The integrity and passion we dedicate to our work, together with the quality of service we provide allow us to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

In cosa crediamo

Work with us

We are based in different strategic locations that best fit our market. Our consultants are committed to different geographical areas, allowing them to best understand the local culture.


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